S3. Work out how many hit dice to roll

Having placed Blast markers in the previous step you will now attempt to inflict actual casualties with your shooting.

  1. Recall the total Firepower that you have, after modification.

  2. Find this number in the Firepower column on the Firepower Table, to determine the row that you must use. [1]

  3. Cross-reference the row against the appropriate column to find the number of dice that you may roll to hit. That is:

    1. Look along the top of the table and find the kind of target that you’re shooting at. For example, if the target detachment is comprised of Vehicles or Infantry in Cover then use that column.

    2. Where the Firepower row and Target column cross you’ll find a number which tells you how many dice you may roll to hit.

Also note:

  • If the target detachment has some units in cover and some in the open, then you may choose to shoot at only the units that are the open, if you wish. If you do this then, when you allocate hits later in this procedure, you may not allocate hits to any of the units that are in cover.

  • Always use the Marching column if the target detachment is under March orders — even if some or all units are in cover.

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1. If the Firepower totals 21 or more then resolve it as one attack at Firepower 20 plus another attack at the remaining Firepower. For example, Firepower 26 = an attack at Firepower 20 + another attack at Firepower 6.