Select a scenario

The scenario that you select determines the overall nature of the battle that you intend to play.

Each scenario offers a unique combination of rules for setup and play, to model different types of confrontation and victory conditions.

We detail a range of scenarios at Scenarios. Of course, you and your opponent can simply agree on a scenario to play, invent a new one, or plan several to play in a sequence as a mini-campaign. Or, you may prefer to let fate select one of the standard scenarios for you.

We have two broad categories of scenario:

  • Refight scenarios: These outline confrontations that are 'historical' in the Warhammer 40,000 universe. They offer ready-made detachments that use the contents of the original Epic 40,000 boxed set to model the 'historical' forces. You can 're-fight' these scenarios, or you can adapt them for your own army choices and narrative.

  • Battle scenarios: These are more generic, and model different types of confrontation that are common on battlefields across the galaxy.

Some of the scenarios use special rules that model the effects of fortifications, morale, and so on (Scenario special rules).

If you’re new to the game, 'Refight 1: Gogard’s Last Stand!' and 'Refight 4: The Sulphur River' are good scenarios to start with as they are the simplest.

If you’d like to use the random method, consult this table:

Table 1. Scenario generator table (roll a D6)
1 2 to 5 6

Refight: Roll another D6

Battle: Roll another D6

The Fog of War

1. Refight 1: Gogard’s Last Stand!

1. Battle 1: Meeting Engagement

2. Refight 2: Rescue

2. Battle 2: Escalating Engagement

3. Refight 3: The Hellblade Mountains

3. Battle 3: Dawn Assault

4. Refight 4: The Sulphur River

4. Battle 4: Blitzkrieg!

5. Refight 5: Breakout

5. Battle 5: Ambush

6. Re-roll, or opt for The Fog of War

6. Battle 6: Planetary Assault