Welcome to the Epic Remastered project

This is an unofficial project that reworks and extends the third edition of Games Workshop’s Epic game system, Epic 40,000.

Epic Remastered is by fans, for fans, and open to the community as a collaborative effort.

Date of this build: 2024-02-13

Developmental state

This project is now well under way, but we still have lots to do.

We’re not yet ready to treat any part of the project as 'stable' — we treat all content as 'draft' and subject to change at any moment. So, we don’t spend the time to document the changes (except at a high level as occasional updates in the Facebook group — see Discussion).

  • Important features are likely to change without notice.

  • Styling is minimal.


The content components in this project are as follows:

Main project
  • Core: The main body of the project, principally the core rules of play. This component is now functionally complete, but there are still improvements we’d like to make and details to attend to. Among other things, we need to create and add graphics and images — especially where explanatory examples are concerned.

  • Battles: Additional rules for setup and play. First drafts are in progress in this component, but there are a number of empty placeholder topics at present.

  • Armies: Guidance on how to choose and build your armies, along with army lists that detail detachments, unit data sheets and points costs. There is almost no content in this component at present — but fear not, you’ll find army lists in the interactive Detachment Builder.

  • Contributor’s Guide: Guidance for contributors, to help with governance and consistency, and to document our methods in a transparent way.

You’ll also find links to the game content components in the main navigation menu. You can switch between all main project components at the component menu (at the bottom of the secondary navigation panel).

Also important to the project, but held in different repositories and hosting:

Detachment Builder
  • Epic Remastered Detachment Builder: A convenient way to choose your army online and to print out your detachments and unit data sheets. Ian Wood continues to adapt and extend this from the open source 'Army Forge' software to suit our needs, and to populate it with new and revised content. We intend to mirror the Detachment Builder content in the Armies component eventually.

You’ll also find a link in the main navigation menu at Resources  Detachment Builder.


Feel free to discuss this project in the Facebook group, either in the dedicated announcement or in a separate thread: EPIC 40,000 Remastered.

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