Refight 5: Breakout

Historical forces


Ork Warlord detachment, Warlord Nah-Badun an' der Retinue

1 x Warlord, with Battlewagon option; 1 x Weirdboy Battle Tower; 1 x Nobz unit; 1 x Gretchin unit; 2 x Battlewagon.

Ork Kult of Speed detachment, Da Chargerz

1 x Warboss; 6 x Battlewagon; 3 x Bikeboyz.

Ork Warband detachment, Naffgul’s Shooty Boyz

1 x Warboss in Stompa; 3 x Shooty Boyz unit; 2 x Stompa; 4 x Gretchin unit; 12 x Ork unit.

Space Marines

Space Marine detachment, Force Specula

1 x Space Marine Captain; 6 x Space Marine unit, with Devastator option.

Space Marine detachment, Force Ceptio

1 x Space Marine Captain, with Land Raider option; 6 x Space Marine unit, with Assault option.

Historically it was Force Specula and Force Ceptio that formed the Imperial line where the Orks planned to break out.

Space Marine detachment, Force Odium

1 x Land Raider; 12 x Space Marine unit, with 6 x Rhino option; 2 x Whirlwind.