Psychic Focus

Detachment ability [1]

Some detachments contain many individuals that have low-level psychic power that they can pool as a group. When they do this, they can manifest some useful effects on the battlefield.

Where your detachment has the Psychic Focus ability:

  • Once per game, you can make a special psychic attack with this detachment. This works exactly as if it were a Fate card with the title 'Psychic Attack (0) — Psychic Blast'.

  • When you wish to make the above attack, or to play a Psychic Attack Fate card, you may choose any unit in this detachment to channel the effects, as if that unit had the Psyker ability.

Related information

1. Difference from Epic 40,000:  We created this ability for Epic Remastered — there is no equivalent in Epic 40,000.