Leadership test

When your detachment has one or more Blast markers on it, you must pass a Leadership test before you can move it under orders in any phase or set Overwatch orders.

[TODO: What happens if you try to set Overwatch orders and fail? Default to Advance orders I presume, and lose the chance to use any other orders? If you pass the test to *set* Overwatch orders, do you get to *move* up to 5 cm under those orders without a further test?]

A Broken detachment is not under orders and no Leadership test is required to make a Retreat move (see Broken detachments).
Leadership test

Roll a D6: If you score higher than the number of Blast markers that are on the detachment then you succeed — you may make whatever moves the orders permit; otherwise you fail — you may not make any moves with the detachment during this phase.

  • If you detachment currently has 15 or more units in it, add +1 to the score.

  • A roll of a natural 6 is always a success, no matter how many Blast markers are on the detachment.

[TODO: Rationalise with the Rally phase -- the 'natural 6 is a pass' bit doesn't apply then, and perhaps the +1 bonus for 15 units or more doesn't either?]