Intercept mission

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Requirements for the mission

  • A detachment that is on an Intercept mission does not have to refuel and rearm until it has performed an interception — they can 'loiter' on combat air patrol (CAP), ready to intercept at a moment’s notice. This means that you can keep the detachment ready on the Intercept mission for multiple turns if they do not make an interception.

    [TODO: What should happen if you want to cancel the Intercept mission and do something else with the detachment? Logically I suppose they must lose a turn in the Rearm state, so in a typical game (in which we’re doing well to get each flyer detachment into action more than once) it’d rarely be worthwhile to cancel Intercept orders.]

Declare the mission

You must declare each Flyer detachment that you wish to perform this mission at the appropriate step in the Start phase.

You may declare an Intercept mission with any Ready Flyer detachment that you have not already committed to another mission.

Perform the mission

Declare the interception

You may declare the interception when your opponent places a Flyer detachment on the table to carry out a flyer mission of any type — even an Intercept mission of their own. If you have more than one detachment on the Intercept mission, declare which one will will use for this particular interception.

[TODO: Can a player declare more than one detachment for the interception?]

Deploy interceptors and resolve the aerial combat attacks

  1. Place your interceptor models next to those of the enemy detachment that you chose to intercept. (This step is not essential, but it helps to show what is going on and it’s nice to see the models in action!)

  2. Each unit in the opposing detachments can attack one enemy unit. Start with the whichever unit has the highest Intercept value. Where Intercept values are the same:

    • Units that are on an Intercept mission attack first.

    • If both detachments are on an Intercept mission, alternate between the two sides — the player who has the Initiative goes first.

  3. Resolve each attack individually as follows:

    1. Roll a number of hit dice equal to the Gunnery value of your attacking unit. Each die that scores equal to or more than the Armour value of the target unit is a hit.

    2. Resolve hits immediately and then move on to the next attack. (See Hits on flyers)

  4. Once all of the flyers involved in the aerial combat have attacked — or been driven off or destroyed before they can attack — remove the interceptor models from the play area.

  5. If any of the target units remain in the playing area then your opponent can now continue with the mission that you interrupted with the interception.

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