Super Lifta-Droppa

This unusual but powerful weapon is unique to the Orks. Human tech-priests are at a loss to explain how it works, except to note its effects.

Ork Mekboys use the weapon to focus a traktor beam on the target and then lift the target high above the ground — or above juicy secondary targets nearby. Then they drop the first target onto the secondary targets…​

When you make a Super Lifta-droppa shot:

  1. Pick any Vehicle or War Engine target within range and line of sight, even a specific unit in a detachment. You cannot target Infantry units.

  2. Roll a D6. If you roll a result that is higher than the initial Damage Capacity value of the target unit, then the weapon hits.

    Vehicle units usually have a Damage Capacity value of 1. War Engine units vary, so check the target unit’s data sheet.

  3. If the target unit has the Save ability or the Holo-fields ability, then your opponent may attempt the save. If they are successful then the target is unharmed and nothing further happens — do not continue below.

  4. For each point by which your result is higher than the target unit’s initial Damage Capacity value, you can move the unit up to 1 cm in any direction, above other game pieces. This is where the Super Lifta-droppa will drop the target unit.

  5. Resolve the drop:

    • The target unit is automatically destroyed. If it is a War Engine unit, roll for a result on its Catastrophic Damage table.

    • For each unit that is under the target unit, roll a D6. [1] On a roll of 4+, that unit suffers a hit. [2]

1. Difference from Epic 40,000:  We consider a unit to be 'under' where any part of the unit’s base is under or touched by the outline of the target unit — no matter the unit type.
2. Difference from Epic 40,000:  We state this so that we can explain certain rules interactions more clearly. Whilst Epic 40,000 does not define success with the Super Lifta Droppa effect as a 'hit', in Firepower magazine issue 2 Games Workshop did confirm that the Holo-fields 'save' can protect against this weapon — see Q&A: Super Lifta Droppa. And, as the Save ability works in a similar way to Holo-fields, we use the 'hit' terminology to be consistent and to imply that both of these abilities have the potential to protect the unit.