Vortex Missile

This weapon is among the most destructive one-shot missile systems ever created.

When the warhead detonates it creates a ravening vortex of energy which actually creates a giant rift between the warp and reality. This is like the effect of the Distortion Cannon, but greater and thus particularly effective against war engines.

The vortex consumes anything it contacts in the brief moments before it collapses and the rift vanishes.

When you make a Vortex Missile shot:

  1. Place a Barrage template in the standard way.

  2. For each unit that is covered by the template, roll a D6 and resolve this many Death Ray shots against it.

One-shot missile: After you shoot with this weapon, that’s all — you can’t use it again in the battle.
Vortex missiles are extremely powerful, so we limit their use to significant War Engine units.
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