These weapons can punch through even the thickest armour with ease.

When you make one or more Macro-weapon shots:

  1. Specify whether you will target Infantry units or Vehicle units in the target detachment. [2]

  2. For each shot, roll a D6. Each 4+ that you roll is a hit, regardless of armour or cover.

  3. Allocate the hits as you would for regular Firepower, but only among units of the type that you specified.

Example 1. A classic Macro-weapon unit

The Space Marine Land Raider is both heavily armoured and heavily armed. It has armour-busting lascannons, which make short work of thick armour.

1. Difference from Epic 40,000:  This super-heavy weapon is equivalent to Anti-Tank in Epic 40,000. That name tends to mislead players as it implies effectiveness against Vehicle units but perhaps not against other unit types, such as Infantry — whereas the rules actually make this weapon very effective against all unit types. We borrow the new name from the similar concept in Epic Armageddon.
2. To be clear, you can target a War Engine detachment, and then of course you do not need to specify a unit type as there is no mix.