S1. Add up shooting Firepower

  1. Measure the range from units in your shooting detachment to the target detachment.

  2. For every one of your shooting units that has a Line of fire and is within range of at least one target unit: Add their Firepower values together to create a total.

Example 1. Add up shooting Firepower

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Line of fire

To shoot, units must have a 'line of fire' to at least one unit in the target detachment. Some things may block the line of fire:

  • Terrain features such as buildings, woods, hills and so on.

  • War Engine units — but not other unit types.

More on terrain and the line of fire:

  • Buildings and woods don’t block the line of fire to or from units that are in the terrain itself.

    [TODO: Should we refine this? I like the rule in Epic Armageddon which says that for terrain like buildings and woods, units can see up to 10cm into/out of/within but not through (into and out of).]

  • Units which have a high enough viewpoint can draw a line of fire over terrain that is lower down — and the reverse is also true, of course.

[TODO: Integrate more detail either here or by reference to another topic. See FAQ: Line of Fire (external URL).]

Fire arc

Vehicles and infantry can shoot in any direction. You may turn the miniatures to face their targets if you wish, but it makes no difference as far as the rules are concerned.

War engines are different — see Shooting with war engines.

Split fire — shooting at multiple target detachments

Each unit may only shoot once in the Shooting phase. But, when you choose a detachment to shoot with, you may split its shooting between multiple target detachments. Resolve the shooting against each target detachment separately, in whatever order you like.

Example 2. Shooting at multiple target detachments

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