Flyers and Flak

You can’t just shoot at airborne flyer units in the same way that you shoot at ground units. You must use units that have the Flak ability in the manner that we explain here.

Flak units can attack flyers in one of two different ways, depending on what orders you give to their detachment.

Flak and drop pods

Flak units may also shoot at units that use the Drop Pods rules, as if they were flyers. For your attack dice rolls, use the Armour value of the cargo unit.

Flak, with Flak orders

For optimum effectiveness, Flak units and their detachment need to be at a suitable state of readiness. We represent this state with special orders called Flak.

Declare the Flak orders
  1. If you wish to place any detachments on Flak orders then you must do this in the Start phase. [1]

    You can place a detachment on both Flak orders and Preparatory Bombardment orders at the same time in the Start phase, if you wish. You must declare both at the same time.

    In this case, you will be able to make a Preparatory Bombardment with Artillery units in the detachment, and make Flak attacks with Flak units.

  2. Place a Special marker special orders orders marker to indicate that the detachment is on Flak orders.

  3. You can use these units to shoot at flyers in the movement phase.

    • You may not move the units in the Movement phase, nor use them to shoot in the Shooting phase.

    • Treat the other units in the detachment as though they are on Overwatch orders — so you can move them up to 5 cm in the Movement phase and re-roll misses when you shoot with them in the Shooting phase.

Make Flak attacks
  1. You can use a Flak unit to shoot at enemy Flyer units in the Movement phase if any part of their flight path is within the Flak unit’s full range:

    • Do not use the Firepower table. Roll one D6 for each point of the Flak unit’s Firepower value. Each result that is equal to or higher than the Flyer unit’s Armour value scores a hit. (See Hits on flyers)

      You can split the firepower of the Flak unit between several target Flyer units if you wish.
    • Or, where your Flak unit has a super-heavy weapon, you can apply the effects as normal.

    • Once you have rolled a D6 for each point of the Flak unit’s Firepower, or you’ve used its super-heavy weapon, you cannot shoot again with this unit for the rest of the turn.

[TODO: This wording implies the player could split Flak unit firepower between multiple waves of flyers in the phase. Is this intended and important? If not, then it’d be simpler to phrase and to track in-game if we say that once you’ve made a Flak attack with a unit you can’t shoot with it again that turn.]

Example 1. Flak, with a super-heavy weapon

The Eldar Fire Prism has a single Macro-weapon attack. This means that you will roll one die, and you’ll hit on a result of 4+ — regardless of the flyer’s Armour value.

Flak, with any other orders

Apply these rules to the unit’s Snap Fire attacks against flyers in the Movement phase:

  • Use the Flak unit’s full range, instead of the usual 10cm. Resolve hits as at Hits on flyers.

    You may not use super-heavy weapon effects — such as Macro-weapon — for Snap Fire attacks.
Example 2. Flak attacks

[TODO: New example text and image needed]

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1. Difference from Epic 40,000: We added the Start phase to clarify the order of certain events.