Mega Cannon

These are huge pieces of ordnance that shoot a single, giant explosive munition at the target, so powerful that it blasts through any cover.

When you make a Mega-cannon shot:

  1. Place a Barrage template in the standard way.

  2. For each unit that is covered by the template, roll a D6. If you roll the unit’s Armour value or higher then the unit suffers a hit. Use only the unit’s actual Armour value — that is, ignore any Infantry Armour bonus for cover.

  3. Place one Blast marker on each detachment that had any units under the template, in addition to any other Blast markers that you would normally place.

To be clear, with a Mega-cannon shot you can only hit the specific units that are actually under the template. This is different to a Barrage shot in which we simply add the number of units under the template to the Firepower total and then allocate hits on the target detachment in the normal way.

Where the shooting detachment has multiple Mega-cannon shots it can get a little more complex. It is best to explain by way of an example.

Example 1. Multiple Mega-cannon shots

You have a Warlord Titan and are in a position to make two separate Mega-cannon shots. You decide to split fire to target both an Ork Warband detachment and an Ork Kult of Speed detachment. You place Barrage templates for the Mega-cannon shots, one over each target detachment.

Two Mega Cannon templates cover a number of Ork Infantry and Vehicle units in two separate target detachments
Figure 1. Multiple Mega-cannon shots. Numbered rectangles are Ork Boyz units; solid circles are Gunwagon units; semi-opaque circles are Barrage templates. Green units are in the Ork Warband detachment; red units are in the Kult of Speed detachment.

One template covers Ork Boyz (1) and (2), and one of the Gunwagons — but the centre of Boyz (3) is not covered by the template.

The second template covers Ork Boyz (4) and all three Gunwagon units.

  • You roll to hit Ork Boyz units (1), (2), and (4), and the two leftmost Gunwagon units.

  • You roll to hit the central Gunwagon unit twice, as it is under both templates.

  • You place one extra Blast marker on the Ork Warband detachment, as it is under one template.

  • You place two extra Blast markers on the Kult of Speed detachment, as it is under two templates.

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