Data sheets and characteristics

Data sheets

Each unit is defined by a set of characteristics that tell you how fast and how dangerous it is in game terms. These characteristics are detailed in the unit’s data sheet. You will find data sheets for every unit in the game at Armies.

Example 1. Data sheets

Most units have a very simple data sheet that looks something like these:

Unit Type Speed Range Firepower Assault Armour Notes

Ork Boyz


10/20 cm

30 cm




Space Marines


10/20 cm

30 cm




Rapid Fire, Stubborn

Space Marine Rhino


30 cm





Transport (2)

War Engine units have bigger and more complex data sheets, as we explain at War engine data sheets.



The unique name that specifies the kind of unit.


The unit type of the unit (see Units and unit types). Some rules affect some unit types and not others.


The distance that you can move the unit in a single movement action (in centimetres). It represents a rate at which the unit can move across the battlefield and still be effective when it shoot its weapons. You can give units orders that allow you to move units farther than this, but their shooting will suffer.

Some unit data sheets show a split Speed value such as 20/30 cm. Use the first value for all purposes, except where the rules tell you otherwise. For information about the second value, see Assault moves and charges. [1]


The maximum effective distance of the unit’s weaponry (in centimetres).


A value (usually a number) that represents the unit’s effectiveness when it shoots. A higher number is better. Some units are armed with super-heavy weapons that make special forms of attack. These units will usually have a word (such as Barrage or Macro-weapon) in place of their Firepower value.


This number shows how effective the unit is at close combat. We use this in the procedure to resolve an assault where units in one detachment charge an enemy detachment and the models are in base-to-base contact.

In assaults the Space Marines' genetically enhanced bodies and superior training give them an advantage over Orks, so they have a higher Assault value.


This number shows how well protected and/or difficult to damage the unit is. Basically, you must roll this number or higher on a D6 to score a hit on the unit when you shoot at it.

Both Space Marines and Orks are tough but the Space Marines' power armour makes them even tougher, so they have a higher Armour value.


If any special rules apply to the unit then we note this here. You’ll find explanations of the effects of these rules at Special rules. As you can see, the rules for Rapid Fire and Stubborn apply to Space Marines, whereas no special rules apply to Ork Boyz.

1. Difference from Epic 40,000:  We added split Speed values to make special increases to Speed values easier to understand. We changed the explanation of charge moves to clarify the details and to integrate the Split speed values.