Pulsar (X)

This weapon is unique to the Eldar race, and it demonstrates their mastery of laser weaponry.

The weapon shoots in rapid but powerful bursts, guided by advanced targeting technologies. As a result, the weapon can destroy multiple targets in a single salvo.

When you make a Pulsar (X) shot:

A Pulsar (X) shot results in a salvo of Macro-weapon shots — but we treat these collectively as a single super-heavy weapon for all game purposes (such as placement of Blast markers, suppression and contribution to firefights).
  1. Determine the number of shots in the salvo, based on the value of (X) that we specify — for example, (D3+1) or (D6). [1]

  2. Resolve that many Macro-weapon shots against the target detachment.

Related information

1. Difference from Epic 40,000:  In Epic 40,000, the 'salvo' value of Pulsar is D6 only. This makes it hard to balance the performance and points costs of certain units. So, we’ve added (X) to support other values too, for more flexible design of units in the army lists.