Hits on flyers

Hits on airborne flyers work differently to other units — we use an extra step to determine what actually happens.

Each time you inflict a hit on a Flyer unit, roll another D6:

  • If the result scores equal to or greater than the Flyer unit’s Armour value then the Flyer is shot down and destroyed. Remove it as normal for a destroyed unit.

  • If the result scores less than the Flyer unit’s Armour value then the flyer is not destroyed — but it is damaged, and it must abort its mission. We say that it is driven off.

    Remove it from play immediately, and place it in the Repair state. It must miss the next turn under repair, and then you can move it to the Rearm state (in which it will miss another turn before it is Ready).

[TODO: How should we adjust this to accommodate new possibilities for Remastered — War Engine flyers and/or flyers that have the (currently experimental) Robust ability?]