Distortion Cannon

These weapons literally distort reality. They create a momentary rift between reality and the warp, and in the blink of an eye this rift will tear the target apart or even vanish it from reality forever.

The rift is not big enough to vanish a target as large as a war engine, but a good hit will inflict severe damage.

When you make a Distortion Cannon shot:

  1. Pick any target within range and line of sight, even a specific unit in a detachment.

  2. Roll a D6 and multiply the roll by 5, to get a score in the range of 5 to 30. If your score is equal to or greater than the target’s Speed value then you hit. Also, a roll of 1 (score 5) is always a miss, 6 (score 30) is always a hit.

    • A Distortion Cannon hit ignores void shields and power fields.

    • A Distortion Cannon hit on a War Engine unit always causes critical damage. Roll for a result on the unit’s Critical Damage table.