Unit ability

This unique technology projects a field that can hide an Eldar titan in a colourful but diffuse and baffling appearance. This makes it almost impossible for the enemy to pinpoint the precise location of the titan — it can thwart even the most advanced targetting systems.

However, Eldar titans are of light construction — they are built for speed and agility, not resilience.

Where your unit has the Holo-fields ability:

  • Each time the unit suffers a hit, from any source, roll a die for a Holo-fields save:

    • 2+: Successful save, ignore the hit — it causes no damage. (But place Blast markers as normal.)

    • 1: Unsuccessful save, apply the hit as normal.

  • Any time that you must apply a hit to the unit, your opponent also automatically gets to roll on the Critical Damage table on the data sheet for your unit.

    If the hit comes from an attack that would normally cause automatic critical damage anyway, there is no added effect — your opponent gets only the one roll on the table, per hit.

While some attacks ignore void shields and power fields, these do not ignore holo-fields.