S6. Allocate hits

Allocate your successful attack dice — that is, your hit dice — against eligible units in the target detachment.

  • Allocate one die at a time, starting with the nearest available target unit, then the next nearest, and so on. You may choose which individual hit die you allocate in each case, but you must allocate in this order for all hit dice.

  • You must allocate every successful hit die to a target unit, whether or not it can actually affect that unit.

    So for example: You’ve allocated most of your hit dice and your last remaining hit dice all have a score of 4. The next-nearest target unit has Armour 6. You must still allocate one of the 4’s against this unit — even though it will be wasted (the shot bounces off harmlessly). You may not ignore a nearer unit so as to allocate a hit to a unit that is farther away instead.

  • You may only allocate one hit to each eligible unit in a target detachment until all eligible units have been allocated a hit already. Then you may allocate each unit a second hit, starting with the nearest. If all the units have taken two hits you may allocate a third, and so on.

  • You may not allocate hits to target units that are in cover unless unless you used the Vehicles or Infantry in Cover column on the Firepower table.

  • You may only allocate hits against units in the target detachment that are in range and in the line of fire of at least one of your shooting units — if a target can’t be shot at in the first place then it can’t be hit either!

Example 1. Allocating hits step (i)

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Example 2. Allocating hits step (ii)

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