Terrain effects on shooting

Some types of terrain may block the line of sight between opposing units, or offer protective cover to infantry.

Line of sight blocking terrain

As in real life, line of sight is vital for most shooting weapons in the game. So, terrain that can block the line of sight is tactically significant.

However, tabletop terrain varies enormously. So, it is best to discuss terrain pieces and principles with your opponent before you start the battle, to make sure that you agree on how to interpret line of sight.

[TODO: Expand on this some more? Perhaps add some detail here about 'model’s eye view', hull-down, and such. Might need to rationalise with the main rules for the Shooting phase too.]

Armour bonus for infantry that are in cover

Infantry that are 'in cover' — that is, in terrain that provides ready concealment and/or physical protection from incoming munitions — gain special benefits. This is because they can take advantage of cover in ways that vehicles and war engines just can’t — they can hide among trees and shrubs, crouch behind low walls and dive into dips and holes at a moment’s notice.

We represent this with a bonus that increases the Armour value of any infantry unit that is in such terrain.

It is not possible to get an Armour value greater than 6+.
Table 1. Infantry Armour bonus for cover
Terrain Infantry Armour bonus





Ruins; rubble


Woods; jungle


Marsh; swamp






Open ground


[TODO: Consider more detail either here or by reference to another topic. See FAQ: Cover.]

Example 1. Armour bonus for infantry that are in cover

Infantry that are in woods get a +1 bonus to their Armour value. A unit of Ork Boyz infantry has a base Armour value of 4+.

So, while in woods, a unit of Ork Boyz infantry would benefit from a modified Armour value of 5+.

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