Units are defined by the fact that they can act independently. Even so, most units in Epic Remastered are organised into groups with other units, to fight as a unified whole on the battlefield. We call these groups detachments.

Some units, such as the Warlord Titan, do act alone and not as part of a group. Such units still comprise a detachment.

Detachments represent forces that are detached from a larger organisation, such as from a company within a Space Marine chapter, or from an Ork clan within a Waaargh! (as Ork armies are known).

Every detachment is led by a headquarters (HQ) unit which coordinates the actions of the detachment with others on the battlefield.

Detachments are comprised of either Infantry and/or Vehicle units, War Engine units or Flyer units.

We detail the armies of various factions — and the detachments and units that you may field with them — at Armies.

Within the restrictions of the particular army and detachment list you choose, you can tailor each of your detachments to include whatever number of units you like from the available selection.

Example 1. Space Marine sample detachments
Force Indomitus

HQ: 1 x Space Marine Captain with Razorback transport vehicle

3 x Space Marine squads (2 units per squad)

3 x Rhino transport vehicles

2 x Whirlwind artillery vehicle

[TODO: Complete this table with a range of examples that illustrate plausible choices.]

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