Formats of this publication

To make this publication as user-friendly as possible across all formats, we use 'web-first' writing techniques rather than traditional 'print-first' techniques.

For now though, this website is the only output format for this publication.

In future, we should be able to offer an installable app output too. Then you’ll be able to use your mobile device to consult the rules even when you have no Internet access.

As for Portable Document Format (PDF): With the current state of the publishing technology we’re using, PDF output would demand far too much manual intervention for us to produce this alongside the web output. [1]

And, as a traditional print-based output format, PDF has some major drawbacks that complicate publishing and updates, even at the best of times — it’s far too static for a rapidly changing project. (And it’s awkward to use on-screen too.)

However, when the project reaches a suitable level of maturity and stability then we can consider a PDF output for those who really want it. We’re hopeful that by that time we’ll have the tools to publish to PDF much more easily than we can at present.

1. This project uses Antora, a static site generator for the Asciidoc plain-text markup language, and GitHub Actions to deploy updates to the website with very little effort. At the time of writing, no direct-to-PDF output processor is ready to deploy.