R4. Check the game end conditions

Check the game end conditions for the scenario that you are playing. So long as the state of your game in the End phase does not match the game end conditions then you will proceed to play another turn.

Each scenario in the Battles component specifies game end conditions, along with the conditions that determine who is the winner — the rightful claimant to glorious victory on this day!

(Just don’t gloat too much — no-one likes a gloater any more than they like a bad loser…​ be a good sport and you’ll attract fun opponents.)

If the game doesn’t end yet, use this moment as an opportunity to consider what you should do next turn.

  • Could you secure victory or avoid imminent defeat if you focus on a particular objective or change tactics?

  • Can you hide your intentions fom your opponent until it is too late for them to stop you?

  • Be wary — might your opponent spot a chance to exploit something, and can you think of a way to counter it?

Formulate your plans for the next turn accordingly, and be master of the battle lest it masters you!