Jump Packs

Data sheet modifier Unit ability

These units are equipped with jet-powered devices or other technology, wings, or even powerful long legs that allow them to make long jumps across the battlefield. The resultant speed and mobility usually makes for good assault troops.

Data sheet effects of Jump Packs

Where a base unit already has the Jump Packs ability

Where your unit is a base unit that already has the Jump Packs ability:

  • Simply use the Speed value stated in the unit’s data sheet — we’ve already integrated the effect of Jump Packs. [1]

Where the Jump Packs ability is additional

Where your unit is not a base unit, and has the Jump Packs ability, apply these changes relative to its base unit:

  • Make its first Speed value two times (2x) the first Speed value of the base unit. [2]

  • Make its second Speed value three times (3x) the first Speed value of the base unit. [2]

Example 1. Jump Packs data sheet modifiers

The Eldar Swooping Hawks unit is an Aspect Warriors base unit with added Jump Packs ability.

  • The base unit has a Speed value of 15/30 cm, whilst the Swooping Hawks unit has 30/45 cm instead — that is, (15 x 2)/(15 x 3) cm.

Game effects of Jump Packs

Where your unit has the Jump Packs ability:

  • When you move the unit, you may ignore terrain — though you must still take a Dangerous Terrain test for the unit whenever a move starts in dangerous terrain, and whenever a move ends in dangerous terrain. You still may not place the unit on impassable terrain. [3]

  • When you make a charge move with the unit, you can move it over enemy units that are already in base contact with your other units. [4]

1. Difference from Epic 40,000:  Some base units — such as the Tau Crisis Battlesuit and the Eldar Revenant Scout Titan — have the Jump Packs ability as an integral part of their data sheet. We’ve clarified how the ability interacts with the data sheet in these cases.
2. Difference from Epic 40,000:  We added split Speed values to make special increases to Speed values easier to understand. We changed the explanation of charge moves to clarify the details and to integrate the Split speed values.
3. Difference from Epic 40,000:  In Epic 40,000, it isn’t clear whether or not the Jump Packs ability lets us ignore the standard rules when we start a move in dangerous terrain. After discussion with other players, we’ve decided that the standard rules apply, and we’ve made this clear.
4. Difference from Epic 40,000:  We created this rule as part of efforts to rationalise and improve the rules for Assault moves, after discussion with other players.