Unit ability

These units carry a bridge that they can deploy as needed, so that forces can cross certain types of terrain.

You can use a Bridge unit to place a bridge over a river, trench, ravine or similar terrain.

  • Place the bridge during the Rally phase.

  • The total span cannot be more than 10 cm. Any non- War Engine unit may move over the bridge — treat it as open ground. War engines are too big and heavy to use a bridge that is light enough to be deployed in the field.

  • You may place the bridge against a raised edge, such as a cliff or wall. In this case, only Infantry units may then scale the inclined bridge and cross the obstacle, and you must treat the bridge as dangerous terrain.

This should be obvious, but to be clear: Once placed, the bridge remains in play even if the Bridge unit is destroyed later — and enemy forces can move over the bridge too, with the same restrictions.

A Bridge unit carries only one bridge — once you’ve placed it, you cannot place another with that unit during the battle.

[TODO: Shouldn’t a Bridge unit lose what ranged weapons the base unit has?]

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