Self-propelled Artillery

Data sheet modifier Unit ability

These units are specially adapted from their original design, to replace their usual weaponry with artillery pieces. This grants them a longer range and the ability to shoot over intervening terrain like purpose-built artillery units, but comes at the cost of an inability to shoot at closer targets.

Where your unit has the ability, apply these changes relative to its base unit:

  • Create a split Range value in which the first value is the minimum range and the second value is the maximum range. Use the base unit’s Range value as the minimum range, and double that for the maximum. You may not shoot the unit at targets which are closer than the minimum.

  • Apply the Artillery special ability rules.

Example 1. data sheet modifier

The Ork Gun Trukks (Lobba) unit is a Buggy unit with added ability.

  • While the base unit has a Range value of 30 cm, that of the Gun Trukks (Lobba) unit 30 to 60 cm.

  • The unit also gains the effects of the Artillery special ability rules.

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